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 The importance of treating yourself is often overlooked.






We can sometimes feel guilty about doing something purely for ourselves. We might feel that we should be spending the time with our children, or the money on a repair to the house or whatever it might be.

However, treating ourselves has great benefits, whether it’s some time out from our day to day responsibilities, or buying something new to wear. What constitutes a treat is different for everyone and indeed will be different for each individual depending on what else is going on in their lives at that time.

Doing something for yourself is good for you!


Treating ourselves can lift our spirits, renew our energy and clear our minds, leaving us better placed to live happier lives, and able to make easier and better decisions.

It’s a bit like putting on our own oxygen mask first. In looking after ourselves, we are more able to look after and help others.

This was highlighted to me last week when I spent some time house-sitting for some friends in the gorgeous Kent countryside. They have a lovely house that backs right onto fields and woods – perfect for the quiet, and for walking the dog – so the house-sitting wasn’t much of a chore.

The weather was lovely – although I still lit a fire a couple of times as the cosy sitting room with its large inglenook fireplace was just calling out for it.

It was just lovely and I felt so relaxed in this chocolate-box world.

I had been working very long hours for a long time leading up to the break and I was aware of having taken my eye off the ball in some other areas of my life.

Relaxing and having fun clears the mind, enabling you to put things in perspective.


In relaxing over the week, I had several eureka moments!

Eureka, from the Greek ‘I found’ is very apt. I found I could hear my subconscious talking to me. It will have been talking to me through the period before my break of course but I was too busy to listen.

I came back brimming with various ideas for life and am excitedly putting these into action now!

Whether treating yourself consists of a break away, a massage, or a night out with the girls/lads – do it.

It gives time for your mind to relax from thinking about day to day life and gives space for your inner thoughts to come forward.

Treating yourself isn’t being naughty.


Being self-indulgent every once in a while isn’t a bad thing.

Keeping yourself happy is as important as everything else that you do.

So whether it’s a walk in the woods, getting a foot rub, or a hot bath followed by an early night, don’t feel guilty about making time for it.

You deserve it.


If this is proving a difficult task for you, whether in finding the time or the justification, do let me know.

Get in touch when we can arrange for a free chat and I’ll let you know how I can help.


Have Fun!!!

by Jessica Hylands